SMIF-N-WESSUN (Boot Camp Clik) Live **2-for-1**

“the original gun-clappas”

Live at Moe Joe’s June 18th.

$10 tickets (June 18th Smif n Wessun)

or $20 for Raekwon (june 17th & Smif-n-Wessun)

Doors open at 9pm

For those who don’t know get this in you:

Part of Brooklyn’s talented Boot Camp Clik, the powerful tandem of Smif-n-Wessun got their start on Black Moon’s classic debut, Enta da Stage, in 1993. Rudeboy MCs Tek and Steele made their presence felt on the cuts “U da Man” and “Black Smif N’ Wessun.” In early 1994, the crew scored a massive underground hit with “Bucktown,” a reference to their violence-plagued Bedford-Stuyvesant stomping grounds and “home of the original gun clappas.